HOLD Babylong in your wallet and EARN daily 0.15% Babylong rewards. Join us in witnessing Babylong rise as the ultimate meme coin!

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Inspired by the legendary Dragon character, BabyLong has entered the captivating world of Dragon. As Dragonking first ecology , Babylong combines the determination and solidarity of the whole community. Babylong is design with special tokenomic where you earn daily dividend by just holding Babylong in your wallet. Embrace the adventure , become part of our exclusive community, and get ready to dive into the realm of Dragon, where the influence of memes in the cryptocurrency space come alive.

Join us in witnessing Babylong rise as the ultimate meme coin!



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 Burnt Babylong


1% Long NFT card holder rewards


Phase 1

Market research, initially put forward the idea of Babylong
Website and social media creation
Community Building
Social Media Ads Campaign
Token launch at BSC chain

Phase 2

Token holders 6000
Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok influencer marketing
Dextools , Ave trending
CN token Moontok listing expanding Chinese community
Contest and giveaways
Big callers
Article on Binance feed listing
Babylong NFT card launch

Phase 3

Token holders 10000
AMA talkshow
Coingecko listing
Coinmarketcap listing
Smart contract audit
Global marketing campaigns

Phase 4

Buy back 50k and burnt at ATH
listing major CEX like Gate Global, Huobi, Binance
Token holders 50000
kick start Babylong ecology

How To Buy

Step 1

Download and install a Binance smart chain friendly wallet like Metamask/ Trust Wallet on your browser, or if on mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

$Babylong lives on the Binance blockchain so you need BNB to buy. You can purchase BNB inside most $Babylong friendly wallets or deposit from an exchange.

Step 3

Go to and connect your wallet. Paste the $Babylong contract into the bottom box and click ‘I understand’.

Step 4

Enter how much BNB you want to buy with in the top box. Then click swap and then confirm when your wallet pops up. Easy!


Join us in witnessing Babylong rise as the ultimate meme coin!

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